T3 Custom Furniture   is a collection of luxuriously made-to-order furniture. For many years our clients have been asking for a collection of high quality, contemporary, furniture that can be built within reasonable price points that reflect their elevated design aesthetic.  The highest quality woods, metals and finishes are offered. While we gladly match any finish needed, we offer over 150 “Standard” metal and wood finishes. Much of our collection is constructed in accordance with fully sustainable fashions, using green materials.

We are custom fabricators. Everything we offer is available in any size, shape, finish, and material. We welcome working with you to help you realize your design visions. T3 Custom Furniture’s mission is to supply magnificently made, custom made American furniture,  distributed direct to the design community, at very reasonable costs.


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  1. Our sales and marketing office is in Katonah NY. Our factories are in Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, and California. Our business is to supply high quality, custom furniture, sold directly “To The Trade” (T3). We look forward to hearing from you with a project that we might quote. Please contact us directly at: Robert@T3CustomFurniture.com

    Best Regards

  2. Brian Linke says:

    Great your product is made here (U.S.). I was at LANE for 13 years (wood division). I was in marketing and advertising, but had a ‘front row seat’ on the loss of the furniture industry to China. On my last day at LANE something caused me to walk through our plant one final time. I ran into an ‘old timer’ (he must have had years with LANE) in overalls…. covered in finishing overspray. I asked him what his plans were? He indicated he planned a new career as a prison guard! “A prison guard” , I said! “Yep” was his reply……”They can’t send that to China’!

    I will never forget him and his sad commentary on the state of our industry that day (not to mention LANE’s long run…since 1913!). Much has changed in our industry.

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